I Found Waldo!

Waldo's Antique Vilage

On a recent trip to visit family, I travelled through Waldo, Florida, home of the Waldo Antique Village and Flea Market. I was impressed by the variety of goods as well as the fair prices and friendly service. Depression glass, Chase items and ephemera were highlights. I was able to purchase, a Hankscraft Egg Cooker with 4 egg cups for under $20.00.

The outdoor flea market is a mix of new mass produced items, farm equipment, livestock, and the ever sought after Deco. Arranged in in long covered stalls, take the time to explore each table for a treasure. I picked up two mirrored Deco clocks, one alarm and the other a desk clock (non-working condition), for $5.00 each. For the price, I am willing to invest in bringing them back to life.


Waldo Flea Market Waldo Flea 5 Waldo Flea 3 Waldo Flea 1 IMG_3064

The Ole Cracker House was my nest stop. Bright, well laid out with a nice mix of inventory. I loved the Chase lamp but it was jut out of my price range.

Old Cracker House


Westbend Hot-Cold Sever

Chase Lamp

At the Wagon Wheel, I found this tea pot with the original strainer in near mint condition. There is a small area on the handle where the metallic trim has rubbed off. Otherwise, it is in perfect condition.

Wagon WheelWagon Wheel 01


Diggers was a real surprise. Reasonably priced glassware to high end furniture shared space in this little jewel.


Diggers 00

Diggers 06

Diggers 02

Diggers 01

Diggers 03

The Ocala Antiques Mall and Estates recently opened. With the stock and vendors just coming in, this is one to keep an eye on. If you are a collector of Fiesta, one vendor was well stocked with everything from the more common pieces up to, and including a covered onion soup!


Ocala Antique Mall

Ocala Antiqu Mall 01

Located in Wildwood, Florida, the Wildwood Antique Mall was the largest of the stores I visited. Huge inventory with something for everyone. It is well lighted and nicely organized. Prices were fair with some real bargains if you are willing to dig in some of the more overcrowded booths. If you collect Frankoma, how about a pair of plum ocelots? Or maybe you need the ever popular Westbend Hot/Cold server? There were a few more places I hit but that’s all for now.


Wildwood 0

Wildwood 2

Diggers 05


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