The Hotpoint 129-T31 “Gazelle” Toaster

Gazelle motif on the Edison General Electric 129-T31

Gazelle motif on the Edison General Electric 129-T31

I’m sorry to be doing another post on a toaster just a few months after the one on my Toastmaster 1A1, but I didn’t think I would be adding to the collection what I considered the “Holy Grail” of vintage toasters so soon. When Chris was visiting his family in Florida earlier this month he stopped in at the Wildwood Antique Mall in Ocala and stumbled across a toaster. He took a chance and picked it, hoping that it was the one that I have been searching for.

Designed by Raymond E. Patten in 1932 for the Hotpoint appliance division of the Edison General Electric Company, it was the most exuberant Art Deco design for toasters much in the same way that the Chrysler Building was in design for a skyscraper. After this, toasters became more streamlined and utilitarian. Because of its striking design, this toaster is a highly desirable addition to any toaster collection.


Introduced in 1932, it retailed for $7.95 the equivalent of $145.00 today. Chris purchased it for $62.00, which I feel is a good price. These toasters usually sell for around $150.00, before 2008 they sometimes sold for $500.00.


Here is a demonstration of the toaster in use –


Here are some detail photos of the toaster, including the original cloth cord and plug. Today many people are afraid of using this type of cord, but in my experience, I have not had any trouble using cords and plugs of this kind, as long as they are in excellent condition and they are not kept plugged in when the appliance is not in use.



This was one of the items to look for on my Brimfield list, now I’ll have more time and money to look for my chrome tube Art Deco chair.


Anthony and Chris (The “Freakin’, Tiquen’ Guys)

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