Antique stores, Barnegat through Smithville, NJ

With the beautifully temperate February weather (69 degrees, to be exact) Anthony and I spent the day exploring antiques stores, Barnegat through Smithville, NJ.  We’re hitting the road again and getting back to our roots – Driving for deco!

Bay Avenue Antiques and Antiques, Barnegat, NJ

Bay Avenue Antiques, Barnegat, NJ. Antiques is just visible. It is the white house on the right edge of the picture.

Heading south toward Barnegat, NJ, our first stop was Bay Avenue Antiques. A mix of old and new items of good variety greeted us. Prices were fair and the owner was willing to bargain with her patrons. We did contemplate purchasing a vintage Fiesta comport but decided against it. If you’re in the area, it is well worth the stop.

Across the street within viewing and walking distance was another shop. I don’t remember the name although we both believe it called Antiques. Full of curiosities, it seemed to specialize in “smalls”. The nicest thing Anthony saw was a 1948 RCA Victor TV, possibly designed by John Vossos. While the store didn’t have what we generally collect, for those of you on the hunt, it might be a place to check out.

We lunched at Doyle’s Pour House right next door to Bay Ave Antiques. Part pool hall, part restaurant, we devoured the delicious signature Pour House hamburger and enjoyed it with the beer of our choice. We will definitely go back when in the area.

Our next stop was completely unexpected and the gem of the day. Unshredded Nostalgia was not on our plan but was a real find. Just south of Bay Avenue Antiques, it is jam packed full of military, household, photographic memorabilia both still and movie related and ephemera. Greeted by piles of film canisters, the proprietor and Anthony found they had a mutual acquaintance in the film world. Although packed with narrow aisles, the store is well organized. Collectors of postcards will love the back room; magazines in another room, household in yet another. Venture upstairs and a world of film, movie and music occupies the entire space. Vintage posters, sheet music, books about stage and screen as well as star related novelties abound.

Anthony was tempted to buy several 1930 Fortune magazines but at $40 each, they were a bit out of reach, He did find set of vintage movie stars pictures – part a collection he already has – at very reasonable prices. Originals from 1934, they were sold at newsstands as an inexpensive way for people to own an 8×10 of their favorite stars. Though not easy to find, they are not an expensive collectible and are always exciting to see. As usual, I bargained the price down.

Heading further south, we stopped at the Tuckerton Emporium. Mostly candles, jewelry and modern fireplaces, you won’t get bogged down at Cedar Bog Antiques. This small corner did have antiques of the household variety.

Days of Olde Antiques, Smithville , NJ

Days Of Olde Antiques, Smithville, NJ (Photo from their website)

Our final stop of the day was Days of Olde Antiques in Smithville, NJ. A large variety of goods of varying quality and prices await within. Though there were many items of interest we didn’t make any buys. A pair of very stylish deco horse statues called to me but I resisted. I received some bad news while shopping that a vintage panther statue I inherited from my father broke while being packed. Undaunted and working through my tears, I found a replacement – charged to the estate of course!


It was good to get back on the road again and better to locate a gem of a store previously unknown to us. If the weather holds, we’ll be doing some more Driving for deco!


Hope we inspired you to get out and explore.

Chris & Anthony (the Freakin’ ‘Tiquen Guys) 

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