Merry Christmas the Deco Way

Christmas (how very un-PC) is around the corner, the snow is gently falling (just not here) and it is time to get together with friends and family for a Deco Christmas Party!  Mary J. Breen, author of The Party Book states, “Here are some frolicsome holiday games for people who like to romp and run.”


A) Who uses the word “frolicsome” anymore?  I think I will!

B) “Romp and run” (to paraphrase the Drowsy Chaperone) has a different meaning now, but back then it just meant fun!


Start by deco-rating with fun and easy deco-rations.  Just modify the Hallowe’en centerpieces (see my deco-we’en post) by substituting a fir tree, star, snowflake or other appropriate design.


Change out the Hallowe'en cat for a simple fir tree dec-rated with foil deco-rations.

Change out the Hallowe’en cat for a simple fir tree deco-rated with foil deco-rations.


Speaking of fun, here are her suggestions for your Yuletide  gathering:


Deck the Tree:  Cut a fir tree shape out of a large sheet of green paper drawing a series of random dots on the back; tape the tree to the wall.  Provide your quests with several gummed holiday seals. (You can use some of the 10 billion you’ve gotten in the mail this year.)  Have someone play several lively Christmas (there’s that word again!) tunes on the piano while your guests march in a circle in front of the tree, trying to  deco-rate it as they pass by while keeping up with the march.   Mary Breen assures that this part of the game “is like tossing rings at a target  while the merry-go-round is in motion”.  (She’s so darn cheery!)  After the tree is deco-rated, remove it and using a pin pushed through the seals, determine who is closest to the dots on the back.  Winners are rewarded with a small prize.


Next on the agenda is the Cranberry Relay: Divide your guests into several teams and have them line up in rows giving each guest 5 cranberries.  About eight feet in front of each team, have a funnel inside a tall glass.  In turn, each guest moves to the front of their line and tosses their cranberries (hopefully not their cookies) into the funnel.  When each guest has had their turn, the team with the most cranberries in the glass wins. (Just add Vodka!)


Wait! You want even more fun?  Provide each team with garland, tinsel, bells, crepe paper, etc., enough to deco-rate a tree.  One team member becomes the “tree” and stands across the room from their team members with the deco-rations in a box next to him/her. On the word to begin, each team member in turn, runs to the box, picks up a deco-rations and pins or places it onto the “tree”.   The action continues until all the deco-rations are used.  Much hilarity ensues (Mary B. is REALLY optimistic!) and the team with the best deco-rated “tree” wins.  (And the prize better be a good one!).


And the results are in!

And the winner is…


When all the laughter subsides, serve refreshments with “all the pomp and circumstance of an old English Christmas” (I keep using “that word”).  It is suggested carolers bring in the “wassail” bowl (hot spiced punch) and encourage the rest of the guests to sing traditional songs.


After your guests leave, take little un-PC break just like this Santa:


A very un-PC Vintage 1920's Santa ad.

Vintage 1920’s Santa ad.



Anthony & Chris (The Freakin’ ‘Tiquen Guys)






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