Need Help in Identifying an Art Deco Perfume Bottle

Possible Karl Palda Czech glass perfume bottle

Possible Karl Palda Czech glass perfume bottle


The last day the Chris and I were on the road of our “freakin’, tiquen’ summer, 2015” trip we stopped at Mohawk Antiques Mall, in Mohawk, New York. While there, Chris picked up this perfume bottle. The tag said “Czech glass?”, it has the attributes of Art Deco Czech / Bohemian glass that we have seen, especially glass items created by Karl Palda in the 1930’s.


The best on-line resource for Karl Palda that I have come across is Karl Palda Inspirations. Here are some pages from a 1938 catalog that is on that site.




While the perfume bottle has a similar look to the items in the catalog, we are just not sure if it actually is a Karl Palda design. So we are asking our readers if you have any ideas or if you can point us to any leads to ascertain just who or what company made this bottle.


Deco perfume bottle

Deco perfume bottle


The view from above.


Chris & Anthony (The “Freakin’, Tiquen'” Guys)

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